Programa Enviro en Near FM de Dublín hablando con Joe Dunne y sobre Wolf Project.

On this edition of Enviro:
  • Joe and Jennifer interview Spanish landscape and wildlife artist Jose Yague to discuss his wolf project.
  • Joe and Jennifer also have a discussion on should we return to celebrating the old feasts: SAMHAIN, WINTER AND SUMMER SOLSTICESIMBOLC, SPRING AND AUTUMN EQUINOXESBEALTAINEAND LUGHNASADH – instead of the church feasts which have been taken over and even moved by commercial interests.
  • The Enviro team also ask the question, should we use natural methods of vermin and weed control. Such as barn cats, house cats and edible weeds – instead of using poison which has the potential to kill humans and planet as well as the undesirable animals and plants.
Presenter: Joe Dunne
Panelist: Jennifer Brady
Guest: Jose Yague

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